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Baikal... how much this word means...

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Baikal…How much this word means. Have you ever though about it? So, you live in the legendary place of the world and sometimes even don’t know how many reserved secret places are there on our saint Baikal land. These places are very interesting for adventurers, people who are fond of active, perceptive rest.

Now, just imagine…..we are having a trip by the motor boat or canoe (if you really like active rest) in the delta of the Selenga. Boundless water, waterlogged open spaces will prompt that it is probably not the biggest, but definitely one of the biggest fresh river delta in the world. The total square of the delta is 600km², and each meter of it is protected by the world community as a unique marsh area. The birds flying around can please each ornithologist, because they are the representatives of the rarest species. Almost all of them can be found in the Red Book of Russia. They are long-billed dowitcher (Limnodromus semipalmatus), hooded crane (Grus monacha Temminck), white napped crane (Grus vipio), sea-eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), godlewski’s bunting (Emberiza godlewskii Taczanowski) and others. Even if you are just an amateur in ornithology, just enjoy the scenery and sounds, as the number of birds in the area can reach 5 million species in the period of migration. The marshes and steppes, meadows and small lakes, canals and refined willows create the unique picture of the Selenga delta, even if on paper it looks boring. In reality, every second can take your breath away, watching the beauty of the surrounding scenery and the variety of the flora and fauna. Even your imagination can not help you here …
The Selenga River Delta

The Selenga River Delta

Wonderful panoramic view is seen from the watch-tower, which is situated on the territory of the delta. If you take a specialist with you, you may listen to the capturing story about each flying bird. There is even a real beacon, which is the first beacon built on Lake Baikal. Three generations of one family are the kind of “inspectors-watchers” there. In the evening, having rest close to the fire on the one of the islands of the estuary, cooking fish on the sticks, feeling the aroma of the herbs and enjoying the majesty and calmness of the estuary in the sunset, you may finally get sure that you will definitely come back here.

That is not the end of our trip, let’s move to another reserved place of Buryatia. It combines different natural objects, which are unique: the biggest peninsula on the Baikal- Svyatoy Nos, majestic Barguzin mountain ridge, the Ushkanyi islands, the islands of the Chevirkuysky bay, the Chevirkuysky isthmus, the deepest Barguzin bay and the warmest Chevirkuysky bay, which was called “Chevirkysky fairy-tale”. Every step leads you further in the unique world, taking excursions to bays around the island, looking for conciliation from thermal springs and white beaches, adventuring the Plato of the Svyatoy Nos, where you even can meet some inhabitants from the Taiga. It is said that such pure natural places can open the person’s inner world and you will understand who you really are and take the opportunity to see the world from a different point.
Svyatoi Nos peninsula on Baikal

Svyatoi Nos peninsula on Baikal

Here is the next stop of our trip- the Ushkanyi islands: Big, Thin, Long- with their mysterious origin. They attract people by the unique plants, the biggest rookery of the Baikal seal (Nerpa), marble rocks and original climate. For instance, birch trees have black bark, the crowns of trees are flag-shaped. Even a volcano used to be there. The Ushkanyi islands even possess….. an elephant. Frankly speaking you won’t be able to ride it because it is a marble one. It was created by nature, which shaped him on the rock on the shore of the Baikal. The elephant, with the trunk placed in the Baikal is drinking water …
Big Ushkany Island

Big Ushkany Island

It is important to notice that the Ushkanyi islands are the reserved area of the Zabaikalsky National park and the number of visitors are limited, so the tourists must have the special permission of the park’s administration.

One more place, where we offered you to go, strikes with its beauty, riddles and miracles. The Shumack….That is probably a great name for the planet. Though, the Shumack is a kind of a planet with fantastic scenery, craters-lakes on feet of the rocks, iced rivers, picturesque waterfalls, healing springs, and unique energy, heat which can be immediately replaced by the cold, rain and snow even in the middle of the summer and air, which you want to breathe forever. If you want to enjoy not only the romantic atmosphre of the tent camp and the songs sitting around the fire, then we offer to cross the Shumack pass (2750 м) to the valley of the unique mineral springs to the unity of two rivers- The Right and Left Shumack. It won’t be very difficult, but will bring unforgettable impressions of the beauty of the Tunka Alps.
Shumak (Tunka valley in the Lake Baikal region)

Shumak (Tunka valley in the Lake Baikal region)

For a long period of time the place was considered to be sacral. The healing power of the water is legendary. One of the legends tells about the unique event when the hunter, following the wounded deer for several days, finally reached him in the narrow mountain valley. He expected to see weakened animal, but saw the deer standing in the mud, full of energy. He got interested in the properties of the mud and noticed the springs located nearby. So, the healing properties of the springs first appeared. They were visited by hunters and local people. Now it is visited by people from all over Russia not only because it is the unique place in the world but because it has unique energy. If you visit the Shumack once, you will definitely come back to the energy, which can change every person, his body and soul.

It is impossible at once to tell about all the reserved places, worth visiting during expected holidays. The information we have presented to you is only a small part. The Baikal is surrounded by many reserved territories. That is why, it is open for adventures and discoveries.

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